Go Beyond the Current 'Bells & Whistles' of Branding

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2018

Hello Everyone, 

Go Beyond the 'Bells & Whistles' of branding with an Exceptional Client Experience.

Recently, a  wonderful speaking opportunity came about for me to give a talk on the topic of personal branding. Upon reflection, I thought to myself how many companies both big and small, think that branding is all about their fancy websites, beautiful business cards, unique fonts, exquisite color schemes, and other promotional marketing material. They think that if they get all these things right their brand stands out from their competitors. The biggest mistake they make and what is the most important element is to deliver an exceptional client experience to their clients.

Most companies invest heavily in making sure their brand is aligned in every way but they forget about having a repeatable client experience system that not only compliments their marketing material but is an extension of their brand.

A client experience system can add incredible value to marketing your brand in a magnificent way and also brings great joy to the clients they serve.

Most business owners feel that they know all about how to deliver great customer service because they say please, thank you, have a nice day and enjoy, but I challenge them to go beyond these basic formalities and deliver a repeatable client experience that resonates with their brand and the clients they serve.

Remember women like to made to feel special while they are working with you and one way to do this is deliver an exceptional client experience day in and day out with my famous 3 A's formula.

If you would like to know more, please get in contact with me. I can create your very own repeatable client experience system that makes you stand out from the rest!

Warm regards

Tanya Pluckrose

[email protected]


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