The Exceptional Client Experience

Module 1 - The Good, Bad and Ugly by the Numbers

  • What is an Exceptional Client Experience, and why you need to provide one.
  • The true cost of a bad client experience.
  • Why the client is queen.
  • The biggest frustrations of clients.
  • The dimensions of a bad client experience.
  • The dimensions of an Exceptional Client Experience.

Module 2 - Appearance

  • The Exceptional Client Experience: Appearance.
  • Appearance, and the five-second purchasing rule.
  • The power of Appearance for you and your clients.
  • Value of Appearance by the numbers.
  • A system to dress for success.
  • The dimensions of Appearance.
  • Why you must incorporate all dimensions of Appearance.

Module 3 - Approach

  • The Exceptional Client Experience: Approach.
  • Are you Approaching her by connecting with her feelings
  • Dimensions of emotions to consider when selling to her.
  • Are you Approaching her with the right welcome?
  • There is an art in creating a desirable buying process.
  • What is your body language saying about you with your Approach?

Module 4 - Approach

  • The Exceptional Client Experience: Approach.
  • The importance of being an effective listener.
  • A system to effectively listen to her during your Approach.
  • There is a fortune to be made by listening to her ‘chitta chatta’.
  • Closing the sale with your Approach.
  • Retaining her by meeting her unexpressed needs.
  • Companies that build insanely great customer loyalty.
  • A farewell system in creating an opportunity for another welcome back.

Module 5 - Accountability

  • The Exceptional Client Experience: Accountability.
  • The unveiling of the different aspects of Accountability.
  • The value of being Accountable to your clients, particularly her, builds loyalty.
  • Value of Accountability by the numbers.
  • The dimensions of Accountability.
  • The Exceptional Client Experience holds the key to your success.

Module 6 - Accountability

  • The Exceptional Client Experience: Accountability.
  • Accountability killers.
  • She will do your marketing for you if you ‘surprise & delight’ with your Accountability towards her.
  • Accountability begins with you and your company culture.
  • There are dimensions of Accountability that can inspire your work culture.
  • Accountability pillars that give your company a foundation.
  • Standards of Excellence to think about.
  • By being Accountable to yourself first, you can then be of service to others.



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