Tanya Pluckrose'sĀ  background lies in the customer service industry. She spent over 21 years working for a Fortune 2000 company leading teams to deliver an exceptional client experience to more than 1.3 million diverse VIP customers while safely managing the state-of-the-art A380 Aircraft.

Tanya clipped her wings and moved to the US, Los Angeles, in 2015 because of love. She then spent the next four years as a sought-after thought-leader and consultant helping medium to large companies with the art of selling to women, supporting them in attracting and retaining the high-value female clientele.

Tanya experienced burnout in all areas of her life, from working endless hours to grow her first business, and as a result, she fell in love with Bob Proctor's teachings. Bob showed her that success is 95% mindset and only 5% strategy.

Her mess became her mission to help other business owners break the cycle of investing in marketing strategies and instead change their paradigm and self-image.

By going within and developing a rich results mindset, more income, impact, and time freedom occur without the time-consuming struggle of hard work, money, and effort to grow a business

Discover The Winning Self-Image Blueprint

One client could be worth a million dollars or more to you and your business.

And to attract that sort of client you need to BE that version FIRST.

You don’t have to have millions of dollars in the bank, drive a fancy car, or live a lavish lifestyle.

You begin by creating a multimillion-dollar version of yourself inside the boardroom of your mind.

And then you attract the million-dollar client.

BE first, then HAVE.